92 accord LX overheats

Discussion in 'Accord' started by earthlink, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. earthlink

    earthlink Guest

    Hi. I have 92 Honda Accord LX. It has 100 thousand miles on it. I had
    no major problem with this car since I bought it new 13 years ago.
    Recently, I noticed that the temperature guage sometimes goes up above
    the halfway point. So I took it to my mechanic and he checked the few
    things but he said he cannot find anything wrong. The mechanic let the
    car idle for 20 minutes but the temperature didn't go up either. So I
    drove it a few miles and I noticed the temperature guage was going up
    again. So I immediately slow down and the temperature goes down. I
    don't know what's wrong with my car. Anybody have idea or suggestion?
    Thank you very much.
    earthlink, Mar 8, 2005
  2. Generally speaking...

    If the temperature rises over a period of a minute or two and drops over a
    period of a few seconds, you have a coolant flow problem. That probably
    means the thermostat is sticking, since the mechanic almost certainly looked
    at the coolant itself. Catching a sticking thermostat in the act is tough,
    especially in a constant state like idle (the thermostat mostly just sits
    there at idle).

    Otherwise, if the temperature rises over a period of a few minutes and drops
    at about the same rate, there is probably a problem with the flow of air
    cooling the radiator - intermittent fan, too much dirt in the A/C condensor
    or radiator fins, that sort of thing.

    The possibility we all hope it isn't is a bad head gasket. The temperature
    rises rapidly and usually fluctuates pretty wildly when it is acting up, and
    some of the coolant mysteriously disappears. Once that starts, there are
    normally more bad times than good times. But unless wild fluctuations are
    what you see, I wouldn't worry about this possibility at this point. We all
    have enough to worry about and this one is a fairly long shot.

    If none of this really rings a bell, a relatively cheap thing to try first
    is a new thermostat and washing out any dirt from the radiator fins and the
    condensor in front of the radiator with a hose. I like cheap and simple
    approaches :)

    Michael Pardee, Mar 8, 2005
  3. earthlink

    G-Man Guest

    My thoughts;

    When it heats up, do you see/hear the cooling fan come on that sits behind
    the radiator?

    Personally I think this is the root of your problem. Because when you drive
    it, you have air flowing through the radiator. Sitting, the fan has to
    supply that air.

    If this fan is not working, it can be the sensor at the Thermostat housing,
    the fan motor, or maybe a blown fuse. The motor is expensive, the sensor is

    I checked this on a civic by disconnecting that conector at the thermostat,
    and just short it with a paperclip, and the fan should come on. Al that
    sensor does is close the circiut. By inserting the paperclip you are doing
    the same thing.

    Check to make sure the Accord is the same though. You don't want to blow a
    fuse. Maybe someone else here can answer that.

    G-Man, Mar 8, 2005
  4. earthlink

    Jason Guest

    I believe that you should take the car back to your mechanic and ask him
    to change the thermostat. After the thermostat has been changed, keep an
    eye on the temp. guage for the next couple of weeks. If the problem was
    solved--that's great. If not, repost and tell us that you had the
    thermostat changed and still have the problem--There are some other
    possibilites but the thermostat is the best place to start. Also, have
    your mechanic make sure the water pump is not leaking. If you have never
    had the water pump replaced, it's likely that it won't last much longer.
    Jason, Mar 8, 2005
  5. Good advice. Since the mileage is about 100K miles, the timing belt is about
    due for replacement if it hasn't been done yet. It's an expensive job, but
    only a fraction as expensive as putting it off too long. The water pump is
    only a tiny bit extra labor to change when the timing belt is off, and a big
    job to change otherwise. Many of us have the water pump changed when the
    timing belt is changed.

    Michael Pardee, Mar 8, 2005
  6. earthlink

    earthlink Guest

    Ok. Thanks everybody for your prompt responses. I am going to back to my
    mechanic right now with these information.
    Thanks again.
    earthlink, Mar 8, 2005
  7. earthlink

    G-Man Guest

    As thanks, you have to let us know the outcome :)

    G-Man, Mar 9, 2005
  8. earthlink

    earthlink Guest

    My mechanic changed the thermostat for $26.00 total which fixed the problem.
    Thanks alot everybody!
    earthlink, Mar 10, 2005
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