'91 Civic DX -- Wanted: Blue Upholstery Fabric

Discussion in 'Civic' started by Brandy Alexandre, Jul 12, 2003.

  1. Okay, I decided to keep the car. I will be moving soon and was
    thinking baout buying a new Honda in my new territory, but there's
    really nothing wrong with my car, except for a small tear in the seat
    on the lumbar hump that gets the most friction when you get in and out.
    I decided to have it repaired.

    The thing is, the fabric for this car has been discontinued and we
    can't find anything that comes close to matching it. We just need
    about one square yard. I know that someone somewhere out there HAS TO
    have this sitting on a shelf somewhere. The frabric was discontinued
    after 7 years, which means it could have been around in a shop as
    recently as 1998. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    The fabric, according to the 1991 Leo Book, is #130167.

    I have other quirks with the car I might ask about later (horn doesn't
    work when it's damp out, dash lights don't work when it's cold out),
    but this is my priority.

    Brandy Alexandre, Jul 12, 2003
  2. Brandy Alexandre

    Uncle Mike Guest

    Well, crabs do shed their shells you know. In fact, I love
    soft shell crabs. I used duct tape under the seat covers.
    Good enough. Pisces.
    Uncle Mike, Jul 12, 2003
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