91 accord sometimes wont start in cold weather

Discussion in 'Accord' started by andrewhvolk, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. andrewhvolk

    andrewhvolk Guest

    I have recently bought a used car 1991 honda accord ex with 150k. Since
    i have had it i have had intermittent problems starting it. When it is
    below 45 F it may not start. The engine will turn over but nothing. If
    you pump the gas when turning it over, then it will start but die less
    than ten seconds after. If it does finally start (usually starts after
    half an hour wait) then it will run fine for weeks before the problem
    starts again.

    I know nothing about cars and i would appreciate some help. My mechanic
    can never get it to replicate so he can not find the problem.

    Any help on what may be the problem? I need to know what to look for so
    that i can explain it to my mechanic when it finally starts.
    andrewhvolk, Jan 10, 2007
  2. andrewhvolk

    motsco_ Guest


    You probably don't need a mechanic . . . This stuff is in your manual.
    If it sputters and blows a bit of black smoke when it finally starts,
    it's caused by flooding. You had it right (per the owner's manual) when
    you gave it AIR. The flooding can happen because it sits overnight with
    a dribbling injector. Injector cleaner is the best cure, three or four
    times a year is a good regimen. Your manual also tells you how to start
    it in cold weather / high altitude.

    There are many misconceptions about fuel injection. Your manual will
    bust a few of them.

    motsco_, Jan 11, 2007
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