88-91 civic/crx d-series sohc engine cam specs

Discussion in 'Civic' started by jim beam, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. jim beam

    jim beam Guest

    having read a number of confusing and conflicting info on cam specs for
    the old d-series motors saying that the si cam and zc cam are the same,
    i have done some homework, namely acquiring cams from all 3 of the main
    motor types, and have measured the cam specs accordingly:

    model cam° lift-mm
    dx in 152 5.56
    ex 166 4.66

    ex/si in 156 5.74
    ex 166 4.94

    zc in 164 5.92
    ex 168 4.96


    1. these are direct measurements taken with the cam out of the motor -
    not trying to measure in the motor via a rocker arm or crank shaft.

    2. the zc cam was removed by me personally from a genuine jdm sohc zc
    motor, so it is authentic.

    conclusion: the zc and si cams are /not/ the same.

    the reports i've read where other people have measured no differences
    seem to be because some individual on e-bay has been ripping people off
    selling si cams as a zc's - possible because there are no distinguishing
    marks between the two other than direct measurement of the cam profiles.
    jim beam, Dec 15, 2007
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