86 Accord runs like crap

Discussion in 'Accord' started by James Cameron, Jan 26, 2005.

  1. I have an 86 Accord carburated. Thing runs great when cold, but after a hot
    soak it runs like crap! Bucks, surges and hesitates. This is usually only
    when accelerating from a stop as I'm rowing up through the gears. Cruises
    on the hi-way just fine and idle speed is right where it should be. I've
    noticed, however, that if I floor the accelerator and allow the engine to
    redline it takes care of the problem until the next time I shut it off and
    it hot soaks.

    I've overhauled the carb and replaced the float. I'm sure it's probably one
    of the 5,000 or so solenoids has gone bad, but which one? Any ideas?
    James Cameron, Jan 26, 2005
  2. James Cameron

    N.E.Ohio Bob Guest

    Miles on the car? Plugs and stuff fairly new? Engine using oil? Had
    the valves adjusted? bob
    N.E.Ohio Bob, Jan 27, 2005
  3. Miles on the car? Plugs and stuff fairly new? Engine using oil? Had
    Sorry. . .

    195,000 miles on the engine. O.H.'d the carb, replaced the plugs, dist cap,
    rotor and plug wires, fuel filters, timing belt and water pump about a year
    ago. (All parts replaced with OEM.) Did a valve adjust about 6 months ago.
    Engine doesn't burn a drop of oil.

    A little history. I bought this car from a buddy for 75 bucks and a
    subwoofer. He got it from a customer who dropped more than a thousand bucks
    into it to get it to run (clutch, and other misc stuff) and then the timing
    belt jumped. He didn't want to risk putting a belt on it and having bent
    valves, so he sold it to my buddy, who sold it to me.

    The thing needless to say is a piece, but it runs, mostly. It's always had
    this problem since the day I started driving it, that's why I did the stuff
    mentioned above. None of it has seemed to work.

    I can hook a timing light and fuel pressure gauge up and drive it, and when
    it acts up I have good spark and good fuel pressure, which leads me to
    believe it has something to do with the carb, or like I said, one of the
    thousands of solenoids Honda's shoved under there.

    Trying to find reliable documentation of the fuel and emissions system on
    this thing has been a nightmare in and of itself. Even Alldata's diagnostic
    information is wrought with incongruities. Do you have any idea how many
    vacuum hoses this thing has??? I mean JESUS!!!

    James Cameron, Jan 27, 2005
  4. James Cameron

    Jason Guest

    It appears to me to be a problem related to the fuel system. The major
    clue was when you said that it runs better after going really fast. That
    cleans out the fuel system at least for a couple of days. I would first
    try visiting a store like Auto Zone or NAPA and buy a can of chemicals
    that you mix with a full tank of gas. It helps to clean out the fuel
    system. In some cases, you may have to do it for the next two or three
    filll-ups. Also, check to determine if there is a fuel filter. If so,
    install a new one and throw away the old one. If none of my ideas work,
    you may have to install a carb. kit. It's a major job if you never done it
    before. If you have NOT done it before, find an older local mechanic to do
    it for you. A young mechanic may have never even worked on a carb.
    Jason, Jan 28, 2005
  5. Yeah, I thought that at first too, and have probably dumped every fuel
    cleaner and gas dryer on the market in that gas tank at least twice, all to
    no avail. I'm still having the same problem, and it's been going on for
    over a year now.

    I thought possibly there might be rust in tank that was making it's way to
    the carb, but neither fuel filter shows any sign of rust contamination.
    James Cameron, Jan 29, 2005
  6. James Cameron

    Jason Guest

    I have own cars that had a carb. and in most all cases, any fuel related
    problems were almost always a result of a problem with the carb.
    Since you are sure that the fuel lines have been cleaned out as well as
    you can clean them, I would install a new carb. kit.
    Before you do it, visit NAPA, AutoZone and any other stores in your town
    that sells auto accessories and ask them if they sell rebuilt carbs--these
    are carbs that have been taken apart and all of the rubber parts and
    gaskets replaced with new ones. The carb. is also cleaned really well. The
    usually give you a better price if you trade in your old carb.
    They send out the old carbs and rebuild and clean them and sell them to
    other people.

    The rebuilt carb should solve your problem but even if it does not solve
    your problem--your money will have been well invested.
    Jason, Jan 29, 2005
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