2017 odyssey 6 cylinder automatic transmission shudder

Discussion in 'Odyssey' started by gusord, Sep 6, 2021.

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    Sep 6, 2021
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    mississippi gulf coast
    I own a 2017 honda odyssey van 6 cylinder with 75,000 miles. We were experiencing judder as they
    call it when accelerating from 20 mph to 40 and 50 mph. The local mechanic gave me a product
    called lubegard instant shudder fixx 20 oz. I added it to the transmission and it is shifting smoother.
    My wife had the transmission fluid changed out about a year ago or 15,000 miles ago. Honda
    service bulletin 17-044 lists warranty claim information 8 years or 80,000 miles. Right now there
    is 76,000 miles on it and 4 years old. Anyone familiar with this problem and what this technical
    bulletin means ? Bulletin 17-043 is a repair procedure that calls for flushing the transmission oil.
    I think the additive is called shudder however it could be judder and it comes in a red 20 oz tube.
    gusord, Sep 6, 2021
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