2007 Honda CRV: Wither the SUV?

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Redleathers, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Redleathers

    Redleathers Guest

    I just ordered a new 2007 CRV, but what have I ordered? Is it an SUV
    or is it a car? I think it is not. Not an SUV and not a car and
    certainly not a "cross-over" vehicle. You tell me what you think it

    1. It will not only be the safest vehicle in its class but will be the
    safest vehicle ever. Reasoning: This is the fourth vehicle Honda has
    created with the ACE body structure. It is the latest and most refined
    version and because you do sit up much higher than a car in the new
    CRV, you can see farther down the road to avoid potential problems. So
    yes, the Acura RL is the documented king of safety at the moment, but
    the 2007 CRV is about to take the throne.

    2. It may be an economy car. Daily fuel mileage, day in and day out
    driving will likely bring at least 25 mpg with substantially more on
    the highway. This is great! I have not owned a V6 or V8 vehicle for
    some time. With the 2007 CRV there is no need to put yourself in a
    dangerous tiny on the ground type vehicle to get great gas mileage.

    3. It may almost be a sports car. The handling of the 2007 CRV is
    supposed to be jaw-dropping. With this vehicle, gone are the days of
    your body fighting gravity on sweeping or tight turns. At least 17
    inch tires.

    4. It has all of the advantages of an SUV, with none of the
    disadvantages. Well the disadvantages of SUV ownership are legendary:
    Dangerous rollover potential, poor fuel mileage, slow, cramped
    interiors, trucks with campershells made more nice at twice the price,
    hard ride, terrible handling, terrible turning radius, terrible to
    park, wears you out to drive them, need to rent a car to actually be
    comfortable on any longer trip, etc. And then when they address one of
    these areas you end up with serious compromises like the Nissan F35 or
    F45 which have no stow capacity--gone--no ride quality--gone. And
    dangerous blocked views or the big GM versions of SUVs which are just
    tank trucks in disguise for double money. Really nasty stuff.

    5. It is now a luxury vehicle. The level of luxury available on the
    new CRV is going to put previous CRV owners in shock and new owners
    will wonder what they have missed. Well they certainly haven't missed
    this level of comfort. It is really going to be something.

    6. RAV4 is no longer in the same class. Yes this famous duel is over.
    The RAV4 has gone with bulbous sheetmetal, cheap cost cutting cloth
    interior and 3rd rate foam in the seats, and a gas guzzling V-6 with
    over 250hp! Outrageous. The old well hey we can't compete with them
    so we will just compete with ourselves and put motors out of our other
    vehicles in it. Now the RAV4 is a gas guzzling wallow of a ride except
    you are sitting on park benches.

    If you are considering buying a new 2007 Honda CRV you may well want to
    consider the following vehicles:

    1. Audi S4. You can get the 4WD of the new CRV and the same great
    handling. Trunk space is not bad. Yes it is a little more cramped,
    gets terrible fuel mileage, and costs 2 1/2 times more but it is
    something to consider.

    2. Acura RL. Same in the class of its own safety of the ACE body
    structure, same # 1 in quality from Honda, same rich interior, same
    great music, same great handling. Sure its double money and you sit
    three heads lower and the gas mileage can't compare, but it is after
    all a Honda.

    3. Porsche Cayenne S. Same great handling. The new 2007 Honda CRV's
    equal in looks I must admit. Excellent paint. Lots of options to pay
    for and make it special that the CRV just includes in it's price. But
    the downside is of course Porsche's legendary poor build quality and
    astronomical time in the shop instead of with you behind the wheel
    problems. Horrid gas mileage. Too big and popped up their so high
    that it is more of a Hummer type statement to make up for other life's
    failings than a vehicle that anyone could actually live with. But
    still at only 4 times the price of the new 2007 Honda CRV you might
    want to think about it.

    Yes, Honda has created a totally new vehicle unlike any vehicle ever
    created before. A vehicle that literally has it all. Price is not set
    but I am expecting it to come in at just over $17,500 with a good
    dealer discount.[This is just in case the head screwed on backwards
    jibby jab dealers try to pak these puppies beyond the MSRP. I had to
    put the shock in them] Don't ever never ever pay a dime over MSRP for
    your new 2007 Honda CRV. Honda will price them right between $22,000
    and $26,000 all loaded, cleaned up, taxed, and delivered. Go elswhere
    if they try to make you pay a dime over that window sticker. Wait till
    late next year and they will be discounting them as usual.

    The SUV, the car, the crossover, are gone. Honda just created the
    world's first "Planet Safe Transport" vehicle the world's first
    PSTV--enjoy the trip.
    Redleathers, Jul 1, 2006
  2. Redleathers

    Elle Guest

    You've been sold a line by a car salesperson. It could be
    the safest vehicle among SUVs, but "the safest vehicle ever"
    is hype.
    25 mpg is mediocre gas mileage.

    Just admit you have yuppie inclinations; have no need for a
    truck (not that the CR-V is a truck) nor something to take
    rock climbing (not that the CR-V is suitable for this,
    either); but just want to follow the sheep; be fashionable;
    and try to make up with looks and ridiculous spending habits
    what you lack in substance and an inner life.
    I suspect you work for a Honda dealer.
    Elle, Jul 1, 2006
  3. Redleathers

    Redleathers Guest

    I called the man that I have bought 3 other new Hondas from and got
    on the list to buy my fourth Honda. This safe planetary vehicle that
    allows humans to extend their physical reference beyond their own
    neighborhood simply sold itself to me as it will others albeit much
    later in months and years.

    25 mpg is not mediocre gas mileage from a vehicle that will do all that
    Honda's new CRV is made to do. It is excellent, superior to anything
    else. Yet I do admit that I am being modest here, since Honda's
    current CRV, a rather typical SUV, does at least this well. Maybe 28
    mpg in everyday driving is more on track.

    When I have needed a truck over the past 9 years I would simply fold
    down either my 1997 or 2000 CRVs seats and use it to haul what I have
    needed. Anything else is delivered. I was able to get my current CRV
    around on some pretty good size rocks, nothing slick rock moabish, but
    still some mountains and forest trails and it did great. One mountain
    pass crossed a skree field at 12,000 though I must admit, really taxed
    my 1997 CRVs 126 hp.

    Follow the sheep? No. I did have the first Volkswagen ever made with
    recaro seats and Pirelli CN36s from the factory in my state, the first
    of the new design Dodge Ram pickups in my state, the first diesel
    rabbit in my state, and the first S2000 which I still have in my state.
    So yeah I just tend to be a little ahead of the pack there himalaya
    and thought I would try to stir some of the sleeping.

    Just real real smart. That is all. Nothing yuppie. Folks that know
    me would think me being called a yuppie would be rather amusing.

    Spending habits? I don't have any car payments, charged up charged
    cards, or other such stereotypical american foolishness at least for
    those who have moved out of their parents house. Did you know 1 out of
    7 young men in america under age 30 still lives with his mom and dad?
    1 out of 14 young women. Shocking when compared to just 20 years ago.

    I have quite a bit of substance. Don't need a truck to compensate. Am
    pleasant on the eyes and meditate. So yeah and I have read more books
    than you ever will if you started reading now and never stopped until
    your eyes gave out. I tend to be a little ahead and just thought I
    would help and have helped many lurkers out there make a better
    decision I am sure.

    Nope. Never sold anything but beds and mattresses once when I was
    going through college for a few months. Not a salesman and don't know
    anybody who is. Just damn smart.

    Check out that ACE body structure info from Honda. Damn impressive
    Redleathers, Jul 1, 2006
  4. Redleathers

    hankB Guest

    I do not work for Honda.I purchased 2005 CRV in 8/05 which pleased me so
    much that when my Ford Expedition was totalled in 9/05 I bought another CRV
    (2003 with extended warranty) because the ground clearance,safety,large
    capacity (esp for tall objects) and good mileage as well as Honda repair
    infrequency are impressive...BUT it ain't like my Benz for a long interstate
    highway trip.You can't be all things-i.e., a racehorse and a camel.
    hankB, Jul 3, 2006
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