2007 CRV auto window and sunroof closure

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by chris, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. chris

    chris Guest

    Has anyone had automatic window lifts and sunroof closing fitted to
    the latest CRV (2007 Aust model)?

    I am trying to do this but have two problems - first is that when the
    power to the drivers side window closing system was cut, the "memory"
    was lost and now the automatic lift does not now close the the window

    The second is that I can not find how power is delivered to the
    sunroof so that I can tap into this and apply a closer so that when
    the central/locking alarm button is pressed, the sunroof is
    automatically closed. I have all the windows closing OK when the
    button is pressed but can not get the sunroof to close. All Honda
    dealers in Melbourne I have asked apparently do not have a clue about
    how to address these problems.

    Any help greatly appreciated.
    chris, Nov 25, 2007
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