Discussion in 'Pilot' started by highkm, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. highkm

    highkm Guest

    I have a 2006 Pilot. I loaded the back with about 300Lb of junk and
    drove with it for a week. The back springs got compressed and do not
    want to come back to the hight of the front of the vehicle. The car
    looks shit. I am surprised that the rear springs are that weak. Honda
    claims that the same thing would happen with a Ridgeline. I guess
    that's why they can't compete with North American trucks. The Honda
    service said that the front springs will collapse after a period of
    time (because it's normal), so the car will look level.

    Has anyone had this type of experience with their SUV?
    highkm, Oct 6, 2006
  2. highkm

    tww Guest

    We have loaded our 03 up many times before -- 300 lbs is akin to a couple of
    people sitting in the 3 rd seat. No problems. Sure you did not have
    something more like 1/2 a ton back there -- or more.
    tww, Oct 6, 2006
  3. highkm

    lespritdeken Guest

    wow, know I know what car I'm NOT going to use for moving...
    lespritdeken, Oct 7, 2006
  4. highkm

    highkm Guest

    Yes, with additional passengers the weight did probably exceed 500LB,
    but it should be able to handle it. I've put more weight in a 2003
    Accord. I am planning to somehow load 300-500LB on the front, to crush
    the front springs. I haven't figured out how to do that yet.
    highkm, Oct 9, 2006
  5. highkm

    ShawnD Guest

    We have used our '03 Pilot several times for trips to either Lowes or
    that other local store to purchase landscaping/home improvement
    materials. On 2 occasions I have loaded up around 900lbs of materials
    plus the 300lbs from me and my wife and have no problem with the
    springs. Now I have driven straight home which is about a 10 minute
    drive and have unloaded the material right away. Also I don't know if
    there is a difference between the '03 and the '06 spring system.

    We love the Pilot and would highly reccomend it.

    ShawnD, Oct 9, 2006
  6. highkm

    Robert Guest

    Wow I have never had any problems with my 2004...I've driven a 200-mile
    trip with about a 2500 lb. trailer, probably close to 500 lbs. of
    equipment in the back, and five people...it barely strained the engine
    and my height looks perfectly normal. Perhaps you have some sort of a
    defect in the rear?
    Robert, Oct 9, 2006
  7. Sounds like a broken spring. Is the ride height level left to right?
    Certainly 300 pounds wouldn't cause this problem even if you left it
    in there forever.
    Gordon McGrew, Oct 10, 2006
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  8. highkm

    highkm Guest

    I had it checked out at the dealership. They inspected it and did not
    find any broken springs. They did ask about the load that I put on it.
    They called Honda Canada. I was informed that in reality all Pilots
    will eventually drop in height under its own weight. What I've done has
    accelerated the rear rate of collapse. The front should crush the
    springs under its own weight eventually. The front end is the heavier
    part of the vehicle so it'll eventually end up being lower than the
    rear, provided that I never load the rear again ofcourse. Honda canada
    did file my concern, because when the warranty nears an end, and if the
    car is not level, I'll be knocking on their door again. I believe that
    this vehicle got a little weaker springs in the rear than most of other
    Pilots. It is probably due to the inconsistency of the spring
    manufacturer/supplier etc. - bad material - poor quality control, Honda
    is not imune to things like that sometimes. Maybe in the future they
    should take some pointers from GM and raise the back a bit like Yukon.

    highkm, Oct 10, 2006
  9. highkm

    Robert Guest

    Perhaps this is a Canadian thing? Like I said in my previous post, I
    have put much more weight on my 2004 Pilot, and it is still perfectly
    normal. I went and measured my height from the B-pillar and compared it
    with my neighbor's one-week-old 2006...they are both within 1/8 of an
    inch of each other...
    Robert, Oct 11, 2006
  10. They need to check it again. Or you may want to take it to another
    dealer or an independent mechanic. They need to look carefully at the
    top of the coil.
    This is true of all cars. However, the drop in height is slight and
    occurs over a long period.
    If the drop is so great as to be noticeable, then it is not right.
    Either there was a lot more weight than you think or something was
    drastically defective.
    Well, that is BS. If this was a design problem, then we would be
    seeing all kinds of reports and we haven't. If it is a sample defect,
    then it needs to be fixed under warranty. "Never load the rear again"
    is not a satisfactory fix.
    If this is true then they should fix it under warranty.
    LOL. The last think Honda needs to do is take pointers from GM.
    Gordon McGrew, Oct 12, 2006
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  11. highkm

    big shrek New Member

    Jan 27, 2021
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    That sounds like a BS response meaning they don't want to replace
    your rear springs on their dime.

    Check what the recorded warranty/lifespan is on OEM springs,
    if you are under that mileage & year, its their problem.
    If it's over that mileage/years, it's your problem.
    big shrek, Jan 27, 2021
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