2006 Honda Pilot LX iPod Help

Discussion in 'Pilot' started by shoaibj, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. shoaibj

    shoaibj Guest

    Hello All,
    I have heard that Hondas usually have a port in the back of the factory
    installed stereo (hidden port) that can be used to connect the iPod. I
    have an '06 Pilot LX. The stereo input selection button shows CD/Tape
    and there is no tape player in the car. I was wondering if somone has
    explored the back of the factory radio to see if there is an extra set
    of ports.

    Also, can someone tell me how to pull the original radio out of the
    console for some investigation.

    All i am looking for is to get the sound. I dont really care abt
    controlling iPod thru stereo.

    shoaibj, Sep 27, 2006
  2. shoaibj

    TeGGeR® Guest

    wrote in @e3g2000cwe.googlegroups.com:

    It's called the AUX input.

    See here: http://www.pie.net/
    TeGGeR®, Sep 27, 2006
  3. shoaibj

    shoaibj Guest

    is there a port in the back of Honda Pilot 06 LX factory stereo that
    can be used?
    shoaibj, Sep 27, 2006
  4. shoaibj

    TeGGeR® Guest

    wrote in

    Like I said, it's called the AUX input port. See the page I referenced..
    TeGGeR®, Sep 27, 2006
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