2005 Honday Odyssey Seat Removal?

Discussion in 'Odyssey' started by txdoctor, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. txdoctor

    txdoctor Guest

    My wife's "Wonderful" new puppy has thrown up in the front seat of her almost
    new van. It has run down between the seat and the little fold up center
    console and then soaked into the carpet. Looks like the only way to get it
    all out is to remove the front passenger seat. anyone have a proceedure for
    this on the 2005 Odyssey?

    Thanks in advance.
    txdoctor, Aug 20, 2006

  2. ---------------------------------------

    The exploded view diagrams at www.slhondaparts.com will help. Be sure to
    UNPLUG the various connectors before you start yanking.

    'Curly Q. Links', Aug 20, 2006
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