2005 Honda Accord LX Automatic Best Price?

Discussion in 'Accord' started by nearly_blind, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. nearly_blind

    nearly_blind Guest

    I'm in the New England area and am wondering
    if I can close to Invoice if I push hard.
    What prices have you paid recently?
    nearly_blind, Mar 20, 2005
  2. nearly_blind

    Brian Stell Guest

    I found carsdirect.com to have the best prices in my area, San Francisco.

    For a 2005 accord lx sedan 2.4 w auto in the San Francisco area
    (zip=94110) cardirect.com shows a price of $18,034 ($1,000 below
    invoice, almost $3k below MSRP). In the Boston area (zip=02107)
    carsdirect.com shows $19,084 ($50 above invoice) for the same car.

    I bought a 2005 accord ex-navi v6 a month ago (mid Feb). At the time (my
    recollection is) carsdirect.com suggested it could be bought at $25,935
    (MSRP=$29,315, invoice about $26,470). The SF dealer quoted a "fleet"
    price of $31K (~2K above MSRP, $5k above carsdirect.com, lol). At a
    different dealer I paid $26,000. I probably could have gone a bit lower
    if I tried but I figured the $65 was not worth much haggling. Right now
    carsdirect.com suggests it can be bought at $25,720.

    You could try my strategy: I chose a rainy weekend when I knew their
    sales totals would be low. I went to a dealer that didn't have the car.
    Since they didn't have a car to sell me (but could get it in a few days)
    they were anxious to deal. I asked and they quoted me $26,000 (near the
    carsdirect.com price). I then went to a dealer that had the car. When
    they asked how much I wanted to pay (what a stupid question) I said
    $26,000. They said no. They said the best they could do is invoice plus
    $200 ($26,670). I said "Why would I pay that? I already have a quote
    from another dealer at $26,000". They made a couple more of these
    (silly) price demands and got the exact same reply. Then they agreed to
    the $26,000. The only additional costs were tax and license.

    Happy hunting.
    Brian Stell, Mar 21, 2005
  3. nearly_blind

    jmattis Guest

    I don't remember if Honda's have a holdback. But a dealer working
    within that system does NOT get the holdback amount, if they are
    getting the car from another dealer. That other dealer gets the
    holdback simply because it came out of their stock.

    So, I am not so sure that a dealer that does not have a particular car
    in stock is "anxious" to do business.

    jmattis, Mar 21, 2005
  4. nearly_blind

    Brian Stell Guest

    It was clear to me that they wanted to sell me a car even thought it was
    from another dealer. They had no problem going below invoice. I got a
    written quote and the salesman was actively pushing me to commit to buy
    the car. When I said that I would be making a decision on the next day,
    Sunday, the salesman said he didn't work on Sunday, paused, thought a
    moment, then said he would be in. All this at a price below invoice. I
    don't know about holdbacks. Unless they were very nice people, seems
    like there must be a profit for them.
    Brian Stell, Mar 21, 2005
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