2004 Honda Accord EX w/ nav audio problem - no audio

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Jeff Papineau, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I have an Accord ex w/nav 4cly and the audio has failed. I think it's
    in the head unit; just wondering if anyone knows of a cronic problem
    with these nav head units and the preamp section, or knows of the
    repair proceedure.

    The audio does not work for any source: nav, cd, radio, nothing. Yet,
    all sources seem to work correctly; I have NO DISPLAY PROBLEMS, and cd
    changer works, radio is working, tuning, etc. But no audio. Except,
    when I push on the stereo power button, I hear a small pop that tells
    me the power amp is coming on and working correctly. That means preamp
    is out I guess... and I have tried the fader; it's not just one
    channel out; the whole thing is gone.

    It's out of warrenty and I have a feeling Honda won't cover it; so I'm
    trying to route around them if possible; they might agree to fix but
    the diagnosis costs more than the mods to fix up an MP3 player, etc..
    just seems like such a ripoff, to tell me, yes your head needs to be
    replaced, $135 diagnois; want a new radio?, $1000 please. And then if
    Honda won't cover the work, only the parts, I'm hosed out of the
    diagnostic fees, cause I won't pay for the replacement myself.

    Any pointers or related experience, links appreciated.
    Jeff Papineau, Jun 27, 2007
  2. Jeff Papineau

    ck Guest

    One of the rear spkrs could be shorted go in the trunk and dis connect the
    spkrs. If audio comes back plug one spke in at a time to see which makes
    oudio go out.
    ck, Jun 27, 2007


    This was the solution; of course I took it to the dealer because I had
    not yet seen your answer yesterday...
    and they charged me almost $100 to tell me this..

    Maybe we can help the next poor sucker that doesn't know the amp is
    smart, sees a shorted woofer on the read deck and shuts down all

    Wish I had thought of it myself but I could hear the amp come on.
    Didn't consider the fact that it was shutting itself down after it
    came on; never heard any kind of signal. Of course, unplug the
    offending woofer and the whole system is fine.

    Now I just need to find all replacement speakers for this thing; the
    front speakers are pretty bad - noticed now that I'm listening to just
    the fronts until I replace the backs.

    Jeff Papineau, Jun 28, 2007
  4. You can get the OEMs from Majestic Honda for $12.77 each:
    Part #

    Gene S. Berkowitz, Jun 29, 2007
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