2004 CRV no start

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by rudyc, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. rudyc

    rudyc Guest

    I had it towed in to a Honda dealer for a no start problem one morning.It's
    got 36543 miles on it with an extended warranty. They diagnosed it as bad
    gas contaminated with diesel fuel. They removed the tank ,flushed it ,
    refilled it with new gas and it started supposedly. I'm not convinced that
    was the problem. I filled the tank 2 days prior with at least 3/4 of a tank
    of gas.It ran normal untill one morning 2 days later. I couldn't have
    mistakenly put diesel fuel in it because the nozzle for diesel is bigger
    and it does't fit in the filler tube. The handle for diesel has a spring
    and also has a green handle.They saved a sample of the supposedly
    contaminated gas for me to see as I requested. It doesn't have the
    characteristics of diesel in the gas. I know because I'm a diesel mechanic
    and I know how gritty and oily it can be.You would think that the car
    wouldn't even run .Whats the next step I should take? I still have the
    sample of conta. gas they gave me. Do I need to have this analyzed
    somewhere? They're charging me $345.00 because the warranty does'nt cover
    it.A week ago the eng. started with an internal faint knocking noise like
    a rod bearing aside from this no start problem. It's still in the shop
    being diagnosed . They took a comp. test finding a low 90 psi in # 2 cyl.
    so now they took the eng out to open up the eng to find a problem which is
    in progress. No diagnosis yet. At least they're not saying that the
    contaminated gas is a result of the low compression. So it it seems that
    it has 3 seperate problems.
    1) contaminated gas
    2) 1 cyl. with 90 psi
    3)a code for the V-tec system resulting in a bad solenoid which was
    causing a rough idle and a hesitation going on the freeway.

    I hope I did'nt bore you with this long story .I think there might be a
    possibility of being scammed by this dealership but would like your
    opinion on taking the next step. Thans so much for reading all the way
    through this looooong laundry list. Any advice is appreciated.
    rudyc, Oct 19, 2006

  2. -----------------------------------------

    They've already taken the engine out? You need to tell them you're a
    diesel mechanic. You probably had a dribbling injector which FLOODED the
    engine overnight. (search this newsgroup for the many occurrences of
    this add problem) The owner's manual explains how you could have started
    it, but it's rare that anybody would put two and two together and figure
    out it was flooded. That's why it only shows up after an overnight sit.

    Dealer is a boob, also. :)

    'Curly Q. Links', Oct 19, 2006
  3. rudyc

    jim beam Guest

    classic leaky injector. a coupe of tanks with injector cleaner fixes that.
    it's possible a neighbor kid doesn't like you. but the fact is,
    contaminated gas is usually pretty obvious just like you say. i'd
    question that conclusion. does your sample /smell/ like diesel?
    that's definitely an issue that should be covered under warranty. i
    don't know how diesel contaminated fuel could possibly cause any
    mechanical issue that would cause that kind of compression loss. trying
    to run a gasoline motor on diesel simply results in no ignition.
    running with a little diesel in the gas means a whole s.load of smoke
    out of the exhaust. more diesel, the closer it gets to not running and
    the more smoke. none of that will crack a ring or burn a valve or
    pierce a piston crown, whatever's causing the compression loss.
    you have two sets of cam lobes. the "high rev" profile will cause rough
    idle if stuck, but will be smooth & powerful on the freeway, the "low
    rev" will be smooth at idle, but show progressive loss of power above
    about 5krpm or whatever the crossover is. a stuck vtec solenoid can't
    cause both problems as far as i know. also, i suspect that a vtec
    solenoid is more likely to fail closed, so it would be stuck on the low
    rev profile, not the high rev one, hence no idle problem.
    i'd definitely question the dealership on this. time to call honda
    usa's customer service hotline and explain your problem. tell them you
    don't agree with the dealer's diagnosis and why: the contaminated gas
    story doesn't fly because of your experience with this fuel and that the
    compression issue can't be caused by contamination. you should be
    getting a new [free] motor out of this.
    jim beam, Oct 19, 2006
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