2003 Pilot EX-L Power Locks

Discussion in 'Pilot' started by RK, Sep 27, 2008.

  1. RK

    RK Guest

    The front passenger door lock of my 2003 Pilot EX-L stopped responding to
    the keyless remote or the interior power open/close buttons on the driver
    and front seat passenger doors several years ago. The only way to
    lock/unlock front passenger door is to manually use the latch inside or
    manually insert key in the front passenger side door. When using the actual
    key to lock/unlock the front passenger door, all rear vehicle locks work as

    Now the similar issue has emerged with the front driver side door. However
    driver key lock only has ability to lock all doors, unlocking all doors from
    drivers door lock is not possible with key. Incidentally, rear doors &
    hatch still operate properly from keyless entry remote. With these problems
    it's not possible to activate alarm with remote entry device until both
    front doors are manually locked.

    Is there a simple fix?

    Can repairs be performed DIY or at a non-dealer automotive service center
    (or possibly auto-glass repair shop)?

    Do the door lock actuators need to be replaced/adjusted or is there a
    possible wiring issue?

    Any feedback would be appreciated.


    RK, Sep 27, 2008
  2. RK

    tww1491 Guest

    I know you have to reprogram or reset certain features like the auto window
    down when you replace the battery. You might want to check your manual.
    tww1491, Sep 27, 2008
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