2002/03 CRV and km (kilometers)

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Marcin P., Mar 16, 2007.

  1. Marcin P.

    Marcin P. Guest

    Yesterday I tried to buy 2002 CRV.
    I took my friend, who sell used cars everyday, to help me in check me this car.
    Outside car was quite nice, inside not, but no horror :), price was not huge,
    Old, summer tires was bad, winter tires was not bad, but...
    seler tells that car has 120 000 km on km counter, but driving wheel was very, very used.
    My friend tells me, that this car has downgraded km conuter, and in real this car
    took over 200 000 km.

    Is it posible to downgrade digital km (miles) counter on CRV?
    Is this easy?
    (unfortunetly, in Poland it is popular to downgrade analog counters
    in older cars, selers are owful!)

    Best regards
    Marcin P., Mar 16, 2007
  2. You could try doing a carfax on it.... but if its not in the US, then perhaps
    that won't work.

    Can you find out if its ever been services at a dealer? If you found the
    dealer it was serviced at, you could ask what mileage they have in their
    records for the vehicle.

    Unless that is the same dealer you are buying from...

    loewent via CarKB.com, Mar 16, 2007
  3. Marcin P.

    Marcin P. Guest

    I checked car by VIN... but car was serviced at dealer to 60 000 km.
    Dealer tells only about warranty repairs...

    I trust to my friend, who tels that counter was changed to get lower km on.

    Best regards
    Marcin P., Mar 16, 2007
  4. Marcin P.

    motsco_ Guest


    If it's an All Wheel Drive model, you should probably stay away from it
    anyhow, since they mixed old and new tires, which destroys the rear
    differential clutch pack. Did you notice a scraping / grinding noise
    when you did tight turns at low speed?

    That's the first symptom of an AWD Honda that hasn't had the special
    fluid in the differential changed regularly (50,000 Km). Any AWD Honda
    can have that symptom, including the Element, Pilot, HR-V, CR-V . . .

    motsco_, Mar 16, 2007
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