2001 Honda Civic electrical issues

Discussion in 'Civic' started by mikesweeney2, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. mikesweeney2

    mikesweeney2 Guest

    I have two electrical issues with my car that I think are related. I'm
    hoping someone on here can help me troubleshoot the issue.

    1) When I open the either of the passenger side doors, the interior
    lights do not come on. But they do come on when I open either of the
    driver side doors.

    2) If I unlock the doors using my remote, and then open either of the
    passenger side doors, the car still re-locks the doors after 30
    seconds. I understand that Honda makes the doors re-lock if you don't
    open them within 30 seconds of hitting the unlock button, but it's not
    registering a door being opened on the passenger side. If you open
    either of the driver side doors, there is no problems with the car
    re-locking the doors.

    Anyone have any ideas? Is this something only a mechanic can fix?
    mikesweeney2, Jan 10, 2007
  2. mikesweeney2

    motsco_ Guest


    The switches on both passenger's side doors are dead / frozen /
    unplugged. The system doesn't 'see' the doors opening, so it relocks itself.

    parts diagrams at www.slhondaparts.com. I think the lefts and rights are

    motsco_, Jan 10, 2007
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