2001 Honda Accord EX V6 Timing belt replacement maintenance schedule

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Glenn, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    My owners's manual for my 2001 Honda Accord EX V6 states that the timig belt
    should be replaced at 105,000 miles or 7 years which ever comes first. The
    problem is I only have 26,600 miles on the car but the Honda service
    department that I contacted stated the timing belt should be replaced due to
    the 7 year rule. I know that tires will deteriorate with age, sun/weather,
    but I,m not to sure if that apply to a timing belt. I would appreciate any
    information/advice on this subject. Thanks.

    Glenn Lowry
    Glenn, Jul 18, 2008
  2. Glenn

    Elle Guest

    Yes, timing belt material does deteriorate with time. Plus,
    in theory the miles you may have spent a lot of time at
    idle, accumulating no miles on the odometer but certainly
    accumulating run time on the engine and its parts. Have the
    timing belt changed.
    Elle, Jul 18, 2008
  3. Glenn

    Dano58 Guest

    Well, why would Honda even mention it if it wasn't necessary??

    Replace it and save multiple thousands of dollars later.

    Dan D
    '07 Ody EX
    Central NJ USA
    Dano58, Jul 18, 2008
  4. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    Thanks for the input info. I don't know if my Honda engine is a "Interence
    Engine" or not but I don't want to take a chance so I'll change out the
    timing belt.
    Glenn, Jul 18, 2008
  5. Glenn

    MLD Guest

    Both miles and time are equally weighted, so do the change. Your dealer
    will most likely recommend replacement of the drive belts and the water
    pump. Although you don't have that many miles on the car give some thought
    to doing the replacements since the additional cost is not that excessive.
    MLD, Jul 20, 2008
  6. Glenn

    Glenn Guest

    MLD thanks for the info. Others have told me the same info. So I will take
    my Honda to the dealer. Thanks again Glenn
    Glenn, Jul 21, 2008
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