2001 Accord Headlight Alignment

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Shomari Moorehead, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Anyone know of an easy way to align the front headlights on a 2001 Accord
    EX? The right light seems to point lower than the left (or the left is
    pointing higher than the right).

    Shomari Moorehead, Aug 7, 2003
  2. Yeah, got a freakin hammer?

    Bust that mofo up man...
    Full name optional, Aug 7, 2003
  3. Shomari Moorehead

    mtb2k2 Guest

    RTFM it's in the book
    mtb2k2, Aug 7, 2003
  4. mtb2k2, according to TFM (page 276 or 278 of the online pdf manual)
    Headlight Aiming
    The headlights were properly aimed when your car was new. If you regularly
    carry heavy items in the trunk [which I don't], readjustment may be
    required. Adjustment of the headlights should be performed by a Honda
    technician or other qualified mechanic.

    The reason I originally posted this question is because I don't want to go
    to Honda. Yeah if I f it up, then I'll have to pay to repair it but I don't
    see the harm in taking a shot if possible. I'm not replacing my
    transmission, just aligning my headlights.

    Shomari Moorehead, Aug 11, 2003
  5. Shomari Moorehead

    mtb2k2 Guest

    did you loose the orginal owners manual? as stated under the maintenance
    section pages 249/250:

    Headlight aiming:
    the headlights were properly aimed when your car was new. you should check
    their aim if you regularly carry heavy items in the trunk or pull a trailer.
    each headlight assembly has a horizontal and vertical adjustment indicators.
    These are set to their "0" positions after the headlights are aimed at the

    To check these settings:

    1. make sure hte fuel tank is full. park the vehicle on level ground.

    2. The driver or someone who weighs the same should be sitting in the
    driver's seat for all checks and adjustments. Load the trunk with items you
    normally carry/

    (If you usually pull a trailer, load it as would normally and attache it to
    the car. Push down on the front and rear bumpers several times to make sure
    the car is sitting normally.)

    3. Open the hood.

    4. Check the horizontal angle gauge. The line on the adjustment screw
    indicator should line up woth the mark on the guage.

    5. Check the vertical angle gauge. The bubble should be centered underneath
    the longest scribe mark on the gauge.

    6. If either indicator is not aligned with its "0" mark as described, an
    adjustment can be made using a Phillips-head screwdriver to realign it with
    the "0" mark. Please refer to the illustrations ( i apolgize for the scan
    but you should get the idea
    http://www.geocities.com/burgerlipper/lights.pdf )

    7. If you cannot get the indicator to align, have your Honda dealer inspect
    the car for body damage ro suspension problems.
    mtb2k2, Aug 11, 2003
  6. Shomari Moorehead

    mtb2k2 Guest

    sorry, it from the 99 us manual. i guess there's a few page differences
    mtb2k2, Aug 12, 2003
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