2000 CR-V intermittent starting problem

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Mark, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. Mark

    Mark Guest

    I have a 2000 CR-V EX automatic in the US. Over the past couple of
    weeks it has had intermittent starting problems.

    I turn the key and all the usual lights come on, but the engine does not
    turn over - no starter noises and no other noises.

    I try several more times over the space of about a minute, and
    eventually the engine starts fine.

    Sometimes, I hold the key all the way over in the start position and
    jiggle the key vigorously, and the engine starts.

    Another time, I took the key out, turned it over, reinserted it, and the
    engine started.

    Most of the time, the engine had been running recently. It had been off
    for about a minute, to maybe 30 minutes, when the engine would not start.

    One time, the engine had been off overnight, and was cold, and it did
    not start.

    This happens about 10% of the time I try to start the car.

    I checked the battery with a simple voltmeter, and it was around 13 to
    14 volts.

    There were several Honda recalls regrading faulty ignition switches,
    where worn parts of the switch would cause a running engine to stop
    running - not quite like my problem. I called Honda, and they said that
    none of the recalls applied to my car.

    Anybody have any ideas?

    I bought a starter switch, which attaches to the back of the lock
    cylinder assembly, but it looks like a stinker to replace. Besides,
    since the problem is intermittent, I do not really know where the
    problem actually is.

    Thanks for any ideas!

    Mark, Dec 11, 2007
  2. Mark

    jim beam Guest

    1. replace ignition switch.
    2. remove all the heavy junk off your key ring.
    3. in future, ensure the key is returned completely to "run" once you're
    done with "start".
    jim beam, Dec 12, 2007
  3. Mark

    Mark Guest


    By "ignition switch" I assume we are talking about the thing that
    attaches on the back of the lock cylinder assembly, and not the part
    that the key actually goes into.

    I do have a lot of stuff that hangs off of the key ring. That is gone now.

    Looks like an afternoon spent under the dashboard...
    Mark, Dec 12, 2007
  4. Mark

    motsco_ Guest


    Lube the ignition lock with LockEase (messy graphite) spray. Do all four
    of your other locks while you're at it. You'll think you got a new car
    Just because there's no recall for your V, that doesn't mean the switch
    isn't bad, but I suspect your starter armature too. Read through this
    post and all the included links.

    You'll also learn about valve adjustments if you hang around there . .

    motsco_, Dec 12, 2007
  5. Mark

    jim beam Guest

    jim beam, Dec 13, 2007
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