1996 Integra dash clock dead, head unit dead

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Chewy, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. Chewy

    Chewy Guest

    I got the car with a factory head unit and an aftermarket Pioneer CD
    changer installed. I replaced the factory head unit with a Pioneer CD
    player head unit. I did not hook the CD changer to the new head unit.
    I bought a Pioneer to Acura wiring harness adapter for the new head
    unit and soldered and taped the connections between the Pioneer harness
    and the adapter harness. My adapter harness then plugs into the
    factory harness connector. All was perfect for years.

    I recently had a leak at a tail lamp that caused some rainwater to run
    into the trunk. I fixed the leak and removed the interior carpet to
    clean it. Since the carpet was out, I decided to remove the obsolete
    CD changer. It was mounted in the trunk with several wires running
    under the trim on the drivers side, under the driver's dash, and into
    the head unit area. There were 3 power wires connected to the old CD
    changer. Black, yellow, red. The black went to a grounding bolt near
    the changer. The red and yellow ran to the factory stereo harness
    connector, where they were spliced into two wires there then wrapped
    with electrical tape.

    I unscrewed the changer's black ground lead from the chassis and
    clipped the red and yellow about 6 inches from the factory harness
    connector. I taped the newly cut tips of the red and yellow wires so
    they could not short to anything. At his point I found that my head
    unit would not turn on and my dashboard digital clock is dead.

    I removed the tape from the two wire splices at the factory harness
    connector and unwound the splices from the factory wire. I put new
    tape on the bare copper of the factory wires. This did not help.

    I put a multi-meter on the black and red pins of the Pioneer connector
    that plugs into the back of my head unit. I get 12.25 volts when the
    key is in the accessory position. I do not understand why the head
    unit will not power up. There is a 10 Amp fuse on the head unit and it
    is fine. I even continuity tested it with the multi-meter.

    Normally, I would think that I somehow toasted my head unit. But the
    fact that the clock is out makes me think there's a mischievous wire
    somewhere back there.

    What should I try next?
    Chewy, Mar 19, 2006
  2. Chewy

    jerry114 Guest

    make sure the black ground lead is grounded properly.
    jerry114, Mar 20, 2006
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