1996 Civic SI Coupe - Idle Problem/Heating&AC Problem!

Discussion in 'Civic' started by alyhirji, Dec 23, 2004.

  1. alyhirji

    alyhirji Guest

    Hi Everyone. I jsut recently bought a 96 SI (5 speed) and dropped a used
    engine into it as the previous engine was seized (long story). I just put
    it on the road and all is well (so far). Two (minor) problems i've
    encountered are: High Idle speed when slowing/stopping down and after
    releasing the clutch. This happens after the car has been driven for a
    while. I've read other posts and have become sort of familiar with the
    IAC Valve. The O2 sensor on the car is new. Could the IAC be the
    problem? How do I remove it and should I replace part of it (which part)?
    Should I replace the whole thing? Should I clean it? How? !!

    Problem #2: The heating controls are all messed up! When I select the
    button for the windshield (front) defrost, the vents from the dash start
    blowing, when I select the vents only, the front windshield defrosters
    start blowing!! What could be the cause of this??

    thanks for any and all help you're able to provide!
    alyhirji, Dec 23, 2004
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  2. alyhirji

    Randolph Guest

    Setting the idle is not entirely trivial. The procedure varies with
    model year and engine code, and it is not the same for the entire 96 -
    00 generation Civics. If you don't follow the proper procedure for your
    particular engine, you will get problems like you describe. What engine
    do you have in the car now?

    It is conceivable that the IAC is partially blocked, and that the idle
    adjustment screw is opened too wide to compensate for this. The IAC can
    be cleaned with throttle body cleaner.

    If you try re-adjusting the idle, make sure you find the right idle
    adjustment screw. On the throttle body there is a throttle stop screw
    that looks and works like the idle adjustment screw on old carburetor.
    This is NOT where you adjust the idle, and the factory manual has big
    warnings about not touching this screw.
    Someone else posted about this problem quite some time ago. There is a
    mode control motor on the air handler. The air hanlder is under the
    millde of the dash, and the mode control motor is on the left side of
    the air handler. Thie motor assembly has a mode encoder in it, any
    chance that the encoder has rotated out of position?
    Randolph, Dec 25, 2004
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  3. alyhirji

    Randolph Guest


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