1995 passport or 1995.5?

Discussion in 'Passport' started by robb turner, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. robb turner

    robb turner Guest

    I'm almost 99% sure my newly purchased vehicle is a 1995 honda/isuzu passport
    because it has no airbags------is this correct or is there another way to
    tell between the two models-------i want to buy an owners manual and service
    manual from honda, but i want to get the right one------------also, any
    advice on unscrewing rusty corroded bolts from an exhaust system besides a
    nuclear blast-----'cause i'm having some trouble--------------used baking
    soda and vinegar today, trying coca cola and olive oil tomorrow--------also,
    strangely, being the new excited owner i decided to lubricate the stiff rear
    doors and as soon as i did, the one on the driver's side won't open-------not
    from the inside or the outside-------maybe the child protection button slid
    down......but i need to get it open at some point-----any suggestions would
    be helpful--------

    thank you for the advice i have already received by reading all the passport
    posts------getting an oil change tomorrow with 0w-30 mobil 1 synthetic-------
    i have a little ticking upon start up, but not much-------

    robb turner, Nov 19, 2005
  2. robb turner

    TomP Guest


    And may I offer my condolences on your purchase... bad mistake.
    Passport... the nightmare is almost over.


    -------- __o
    ----- -\<. -------- __o
    --- ( )/ ( ) ---- -\<.
    -------------------- ( )/ ( )
    TomP, Nov 19, 2005
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