1995 Honda Accord EX - Brake problems, many problems

Discussion in 'Accord' started by queenslacker, Oct 18, 2007.

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    About a week and a half ago my (sold in late '94 as the '95 model)
    Honda Accord experienced a brake failure. In the course of one
    evening driving the the stopping of the car became increasingly
    weaker, eventually causing the pedal to be pushed to the floor to
    attempt a stop and even at that, the car slowly glided to a stop.
    Definitely, a possible rear-end issue as it is takes a long time of
    gliding to come to the complete stop.

    Immediately, the car was taken to the mechanic. The vacuum booster
    was replaced. Went to pick up the car and it would brake solidly, but
    would have the problem of the brakes always being applied (sorta).
    Driving the car would start out ok but sometimes quickly, and
    sometimes after 30mins. or so, the brakes would grab and make it
    difficult to accelerate or maintain speed.

    Immediately, the car was returned to the mechanic and another booster
    was tried. Same problems so now the master cylinder was replaced.
    Still, same failure of the car braking semi-solidly on the first (slow-
    down) brake pump but on the second (finish to a stop) pump, the pedal
    goes to the floor.

    Now, the mechanic is trying new brake pads with the thought that the
    heat could have caused the pads to harden and not grab properly.

    My mechanic is pretty much at a loss at this point. His suggestion is
    that if the pads don't work, to replace the abs controller.

    I'm afraid that I've already replaced parts (total cost exceeding $800
    by now) that possibly didn't need to be replaced or that the abs will
    be the next repair at an estimated cost of over 1k alone. Like many,
    I am broke. Beyond this, I have recently put a LOT of money into this
    car for other repairs. I've paid more for repairs in the last year
    than the car is worth. Please help me put this brake mystery to bed
    so I can put my empty bank account to rest.

    Thank you, in advance, for your help!
    queenslacker, Oct 18, 2007
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