1995 1/2 PASSPORT 4x4 Brakes Question.....How Do I Remove The front ROtors?

Discussion in 'Passport' started by ‘5ÛHH575-UAZWKVVP-7H2H48V3, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. I have a 1995.5 passport 4x4 v6. I wiped Out one of the rotors. I do
    not have a repair manual and am stranded at home till i get these
    rotors off and a new one on. Anybody have the answer to removing them.
    It is certainly not like normal cars.
    ‘5ÛHH575-UAZWKVVP-7H2H48V3, Sep 5, 2003
  2. ‘5ÛHH575-UAZWKVVP-7H2H48V3

    ajpdla Guest

    I have a '95 Passport. The procedure shouldn't be all that different.

    Make sure the vehicle is in 2WD.

    1. Loosen the wheel lug nuts. Jack up the vehicle. Place it on jackstands.
    Remove the wheel.
    2. Remove the brake caliper. Hang it out of the way with wire.
    3. Mark the position of the hub cap and remove it. (White-Out works great)
    4. Mark the position of the hub housing, then remove it. ("")
    5. Remove the snap ring.
    6. If there are any shims, make sure to keep them in the same order.
    7. Remove the drive clutch assembly.
    8. Remove the inner cam.
    9. Remove the screws off the lock washer (mine were so tight that I ended up
    stripping all of them and having to easy-out them; so be careful or be
    prepared to just replace the screws). and lift the lock washer off.
    10. Unscrew the hub nut. If too tight use a punch.
    11. Pull the hub out slightly, then push it back in, to remove the outer
    wheel bearing.
    12. Pull the hub off the spindle.
    13. Remove the bolts which attach the rotor to the hub. This is pretty
    difficult without an air-driven impact wrench; but I was able to accomplish
    it with a good ratchet and a hammer fairly easily.

    Installation is pretty much reverse.


    This advice is offered solely as a guide. You are responsible for all of
    your own work, safety precautions, et cetera. I make no guarantees.
    ajpdla, Sep 7, 2003
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