1992 Honda accord?

Discussion in 'Accord' started by vze33sg4, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. vze33sg4

    vze33sg4 Guest

    How are these Cars?...I'm looking at one now with 88,000 miles on it.
    excellant condition ...is it worth it?.....$5000........Any problems to
    look for?...comments?
    vze33sg4, Sep 29, 2003
  2. That car isn't even broken in yet. As long as it has been taken care of,
    you should be able to put another 100K on it.

    I have a 94 Accord EX with 375,000 KM. I have had a crack on the engine
    block that I fixed with some JB weld. Besides the normal items, such as
    brakes and timing belts, etc. This car is rock solid. Doesn't burn oil,
    drives smooth and gives me 31 MPG on the highway with a K&N.

    Just make sure that the body is in good shape and the owner wasn't a moron
    and didn't change the oil.

    Just put it this way, I will never buy anything else except Honda's.

    Even if I had enough money to buy a Benz, I wouldn't waste my time. They
    are pieces of Junk (MB That is!!)
    charkinson.com, Sep 29, 2003
  3. vze33sg4

    WORSS Guest

    I have a '93 with 140K miles on it and it runs like new. You will likely
    need to put a new timing belt on this car should you buy it. That will set
    you back $300+ if I remember correctly. They will also want you to replace
    the water pump while they are down there. These cars are great. The '93 is
    the last year of that model. The '94 is a new design.

    WORSS, Sep 30, 2003
  4. vze33sg4

    N.E.Ohio Bob Guest

    I have 215000 miles on my '92 LX. I bought it new. Mine is starting to
    rust at the joint where the door window frame meets the top front corner
    of the door, under the weather strip. There is also rust under the trunk
    Should have many good years left on it. I'll be looking for one like it
    in the spring for my son to buy.
    Feel free to email me any questions you may have. I've done most of the
    work on my car myself. bob
    N.E.Ohio Bob, Sep 30, 2003
  5. vze33sg4

    Duran Guest

    This car has a few common problems that are quite easily - and relatively
    cheaply fixed - if you are unlucky enough to encouter them. I believe
    others have commented on them in here and are much more knowledgable than I
    on this matter. BUT, having owned a '92 Honda Accord LX auto that had over
    250,000 miles when I gave it to my sister I can do nothing but highly
    recommend this vehicle. My sister still uses it as a daily driver. Check
    to make sure it was well maintained and you should be good to go.

    Now, I am not exactly proud of this, but this will give you a good idea of
    the reliability. When I got my '92 Accord I was a fairly new driver and I
    absolutely abused this car to no end (I did maintain it well though). I
    would constantly red line it, and brake hard. To slow down, I would force
    the auto tranny to downshift by popping it into 3rd, 2nd, or even 1st gear,
    AND/OR I would pull the handbrake slightly if I just wanted to slow down
    enough to get off the person's rear end I was following. Never had any
    engine / tranny / diff problems. The front-end, hood, and right rear door
    were replaced all due to accidents that were not my fault (each time,
    someone backed into me...one of them was a massive truck when the car was
    fairly new that I was certain did some mechanical damage due to the impact
    on the front end, this was not the case 200,000+ miles later though).

    A friend of mine purchased a '92 Accord LX auto that was manufactured about
    3 months before mine about 5 years ago. He has greatly abused his car as
    well (I have ridden with him many times). In fact, we used to race them all
    the time just to see who's was faster (his always beat mine by about 2
    inches). He now has over 250,000 miles on it as well.

    I have owned a '92 Accord and I regretted giving it to my sister (I had to
    because it was a royal pain to take it on my move from Canada to the USA).
    I just purchased a brand new '03 Accord EX 4cyl auto and love it, but I am
    ALWAYS on the lookout for a good condition '92 Accord LX (or other years of
    that same design) in my area. If I find one I WILL buy it.
    Duran, Sep 30, 2003
  6. vze33sg4

    BILL Guest

    If it was taken care of, 88K (hopefully not rolled back) is just startin' to
    get broken in. As with any used car, my advise is have it inspected before
    you buy. IMHO $5,000 is a little steep. I assume it is an EX model?
    Depending on condition, what my mechanic says, and location.

    My 92 Accord 2 door Coup 5 sp EX is in excellent condition with 238,000
    miles!!!! I also have a 91 Accord wagen auto LX with only 142,000 miles.
    Would I hesitate to buy another? NO! Best cars I've ever owned, PERIOD!
    BILL, Sep 30, 2003
  7. vze33sg4

    NomoreRGS Guest

    I have to agree about the design and quality of this style Accord.
    I have a '91 DX 5spd and have to say it's the best car I've ever
    owned. To put it more in perspective I also have a '01 Acura CL type
    S and still love to drive the Accord. The CLS is much faster, better
    handling and has tons of very functional goodies compared to the
    Accord DX.
    The Accord however has very precise controls, which made me buy it
    new in '91. It has 98,000 miles on it now and does not burn or leak
    any oil. It doesn't have any rust on it but have to think it will be
    shortly that it will appear. It's been extremely dependable and cheap
    to keep.
    If I could have only bought the same car again new I could have
    saved almost $20,000 instead of buying the CLS. Well may be more like
    $15,000 with 10 years of inflation. The CLS is a great car but I
    still love the '91 Accord DX.
    NomoreRGS, Oct 1, 2003
  8. vze33sg4

    Bob Guest

    I just paid $2850 for one with 100,000 on it that is ridiculously,
    eye-popping clean. I think I did well. Average price I have seen for
    an 88,000 mile clean car is $3500-$4000. I shopped my ass off, so I
    know whereof I speak. I looked at close to 75 cars.

    They are great cars. At that price, the timing belt should have been
    done very recently and the car should be dead mint. I mean showroom.
    Bob, Oct 3, 2003
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