1991 Civic Salvage Title

Discussion in 'Civic' started by Brandy  Alexandre, Sep 29, 2005.

  1. Okay guys, a little more help. My car was officially declared dead
    today. I was given the option of taking $2,060 for it and they keep
    the car, or give me $1590 for it and a salvage title. I'm not sure
    about the rules of salvage vehicles. Is it a benefit to me keep it
    since the car is mechanically and strucurally sound? Would it be too
    hard to get rid of? I need guidance. I don't want to see it go to
    scrap, it's better than that. It's "salvage" because they gave it a
    value of $1,975 and a cost of repair $1,995 (or similar to that, I left
    the papers at the office).
    Brandy  Alexandre, Sep 29, 2005
  2. Brandy  Alexandre

    TeGGeR® Guest

    "Salvage title" to a prospective buyer is sort of like telling a new lover,
    "don't worry, I'm not infected any more".

    The car might be just fine after a repair, but with salvage on the
    paperwork, it's worth rock bottom to anyone willing to buy it. If you can
    find someone.

    If you plan on keeping it forever and don't mind not ever getting anything
    for it if you do get rid of it, then by all means fix the thing. I'd get a
    professional opinion first from a reputable bodyshop, though. If they tell
    you you'd never be happy with it if it was fixed, then listen to them.
    TeGGeR®, Sep 29, 2005
  3. Brandy  Alexandre

    jim beam Guest

    round here, that's not so much of a deal. indeed, if you want a crx,
    you may not have /any/ choice. and it depends where the salvage title
    came from. if it's crash rebuild, that's different to theft recovery.
    and /that's/ different to the situation i had where the previous owner
    had de-registrered to avoid p.n.o fees. [duh]. a cherry civic hatch
    with salvage title - go figure. when i sold it, the buyer didn't blink,
    and rightly so.
    jim beam, Sep 29, 2005
  4. Brandy  Alexandre

    mmdir2005 Guest

    why not take $2060? Is it DMV gave that amount money for your car?
    What state
    DMV is that?
    mmdir2005, Sep 29, 2005
  5. Brandy  Alexandre

    SoCalMike Guest

    are you going to drive it?
    do you WANT to keep it?
    try to fix it yourself?
    know someone who will give you at least $500 for it? if so, keep it. if
    you dont want the hassle, let it go.
    personally, id be tempted to fix it as a project. harbor freight sells a
    hydraulic "ram" frame/body straightening kit for bout $100.

    if youre interested in selling, i might be interested in buying for the
    abovementioned reason. not like i need another car or a project, but my
    lil brother can use a gas-saving car so he can get rid of his 93
    silverado gashog. i saw your profile (nice!)... and north h-wood isnt
    that far from long beach.

    get back to me offline if youre interested, and ill see if my lil bro is
    SoCalMike, Sep 29, 2005
  6. Brandy  Alexandre

    E Meyer Guest

    Its already 15 years old and according to their assessment, it is only worth
    $2000 if it were in pristine shape. I would take the car and the $1590.
    Your investment in it becomes $500 plus whatever you pay to fix it. Then
    drive it until the wheels fall off.

    Had you tried to trade it in to a dealer before the accident, it is unlikely
    they would have offered even $500 to you. This car is at the age where its
    value is whatever you can get from a prospective buyer. I think the salvage
    title makes little difference in what you can get selling it.

    It does however make it uninsurable. You will only be able to get liability
    and medical coverages, none of the damage coverages (collision,
    comprehensive, etc) will be available on a car that is already salvage.
    E Meyer, Sep 29, 2005
  7. Thanks for all of your input (everyone who replied). Amazingly
    enough, the adjuster called this morning and said she believed the
    car really is worth more and asked me what I wanted. It made me
    think I should keep it. They're realizing it's value, too. But I
    asked her for the high retail on NADA, which with tax is $2652.
    That's much better and she agreed. Of course, after that my boss
    called and said he had a friend who does body work who would be
    interested in taking it and he wants me to find out what the new
    "keep" amount is, but she's already on her way with a check. I'm
    just tired of it all now.

    Oh, and I have "licked the handle" of an '06 Civic Coupe LX in
    Alabaster Silver. It will be here Wednesday. :) They said I will
    most definitely be the first on the block, if not the country, to
    get one.
    Brandy  Alexandre, Sep 29, 2005
  8. Brandy  Alexandre

    Tim Arnold Guest

    I had the same option - sort of.
    My '91 CRX SI was stolen, recovered, but the engine had seized and declared
    a total loss.
    I kept it and put a ZC in it. And that was nearly 5 years and 100K ago.
    So, I believe I've gotten my money's worth several times over.
    However, it was a PITA to get it reregistered, titled, reinspected, etc. -
    the police had to inspect it after the repairs to confirm that it was OK.
    Tim Arnold, Oct 6, 2005
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