1988 Prelude stalling & idling erratically

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by Matthew Brown, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. Here are the symptoms that plague my 1988 Prelude S ( twin carbs).

    When it starts, it will stall immediately three or so times in the morning
    before it will maintain a steady idle.

    The car will idle steadily and perfectly at times-- and other times it
    will seem weak and erratic.

    Today the car started to stall on me a time or two when I come out of
    accelerated bursts and cruise to a stop (Manual transmission). In other
    words, if I am running along at 35mph and need to stop or turn, as I shift
    out of gear and the car would normally fall in rpms, tachometer will fall
    all the way to 0 and the engine will stall.

    Here are the steps that I have taken so far.

    New Plugs-- New wires-- New Distributor Cap and rotor.

    Each of these things helped for a few days or so, but the problem continues
    to return.

    What might be my problem, and what should my next step be-- new ignition
    coil and igniter-- or maybe a new distributor??

    All help is appreciated and welcome

    Thank You,

    Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown, Jun 19, 2004
  2. Matthew Brown

    Tony Hwang Guest

    Ccheck fuel pump ground. make sure it is well grounded.
    Tony Hwang, Jun 20, 2004
  3. If I had to guess, I'd say it's the transmission. It seems that you're
    having a lot of friction even in neutral... possibly the worn synchros are
    somehow contacting, I'm not entirely sure of the details. THis would explain
    why idling (in neutral) is unpredictable, and why the engine sometimes dies
    when switching back into neutral (the transmission puts load on the engine
    through the friction, in neutral, causing it to die).

    First of all, change the transmission oil (Honda MTF).
    Flushing it with extensive amounts of oil is preferable, if you're lucky you
    might wash out your problems....
    If that doesnt help, you might be looking at a very expensive overhaul /
    Yuri Nebogatov, Jun 22, 2004
  4. Matthew Brown

    Des & Co Guest

    Go to the base of the carburettors and you'll find three screws holding the
    cover of each on. Remove them and slide the covers off; inside each will be
    a large "float". These become coated with a sort of yellow varnish after a
    few years and they tend to "stick". Clean them with Brasso or Duraglit until
    the deposit is completely removed and reassemble. You'd be advised to make a
    mark on each before you start to make certain you reassemble them with the
    barrels slipped on in exactly the same position.

    Des & Co, Jul 29, 2004
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