1987 Honda Prelude 2.0 SI

Discussion in 'Prelude' started by Framester, Aug 7, 2003.

  1. Framester

    Framester Guest

    I spend 6 months looking for a decent second car. As I use my car for
    work, I like having a back up vehicle if for nothing more than my
    piece of mind.

    I was focusing on thrying to find a 88-91 Civic, with reasonable miles
    and very little rust, hard to do in Minnesota. I used CarSoup.com
    mostly and I went to look at a few cars. I wasn't happy with what I
    saw so I expanded my seach.

    I saw the ad for the 87 Prelude, but did not call right away. I did
    not know anything about them and I could not tell much from the ad. A
    month later it was still there so I gave the guy a call.

    I could not believe how nice the car was when I first saw it. Only
    92,000 miles, cold A/C, 4 new Goodyear tires, new brakes front and
    back, a spotless interior, new timing belt and tune up. And the car
    had almost no rust. It had spent all but the last four years in a
    more southern state so it spent most of it's life with no salt. I'm
    not wild about white paint, but that is one sacrifice I was willing to

    How much? $2400, which may or may not seem like a lot to some for a
    16 year old car, but try to find something this nice for so little
    money. I thinks it's a great bargain.

    To those of you looking for used Honda's, be patient, the deal you
    want is out there if you look long and hard enough.

    If anyone knows anything I should watch for maintenance wise for this
    car, please let me know.
    Framester, Aug 7, 2003
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