1987 accord head light switch doesnt work.

Discussion in 'Accord' started by no name, Jun 27, 2003.

  1. no name

    no name Guest

    i have an 87 accord. when i first got it, i used to have problems with the
    head light switch when it was very cold outside, but now it doesnt work at
    all. the switch is located on the turn signal stalk. it has two positions,
    one position is for the parking lights and the other is for the parking
    lights and head lights. when i turn it all th eway forward for the head
    lights , only the parking lights come on. is there a way to take the turn
    signal stalk off with out taking off the whole steering wheel, because i
    know a junk yard w here i can get a used one for free.? also, does anybody
    have the wiring diagram for this head light switch, i was thinking about
    just shorting together the headlight and parking light wire, i wont be able
    to have just parking lights, but at least the head lights will work. ps, if
    i play with the switch and put it just between the parking and head light
    position it does work, so im pretty sure its just the switch.
    no name, Jun 27, 2003
  2. no name

    PandA Guest


    I recently had a similar thing happen with my 88 Accord however the lights
    would come on but they would turn off when the car went over a bummp or u
    wiggled the stalk.

    I have no experience so i took it to an auto electricion who fixed it no

    I only know of one place that may have diagrams for you with the whole shop
    manual see:

    The link is from a post on www.3geez.com which is a forum dedicated soley to
    3rd generation (86-89) Accords.

    Hope this helps
    PandA, Jun 30, 2003
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