07 Honda CRV with Rear Main Seal Leak

Discussion in 'CR-V' started by Norm, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. Norm

    Norm Guest

    Purchased 12/23/06. On 12/30/07 noticed oil on floor & took it to nearest
    Honda dealer, not the one I bought it from as I did not want to drive too
    far not knowing the cause of the leak. Tentively diagnosed as rear main
    engine seal leak. Dealer rep told me NOT to drive it home to wait for the
    parts to come in as I might experience other problems. Parts to be ordered

    The rear main engine seal was replaced on 1/4/07 and on 1/6 I found oil on
    the garage floor. This repair was done by the closest Honda dealer not the
    one I bought the car from. Which dealer do I go back to for further repair
    in order to possibly qualify for replacement or money back under the Lemon
    Norm, Jan 7, 2007
  2. Norm

    fish Guest

    Norm suggests:
    Thanks for the info!

    That's the exact same problem with the 2003/2004 CR-V's that caused fires
    and explosions and you are lucky your CR-V did not burst into flames.

    Now I am officially crossing the CR-V off my list.

    I picked up the new Consumer Reports and the highest rated SUV is the Toyota
    RAV-4, while the Honda CR-V wasn't even on the list.
    fish, Jan 7, 2007
  3. No, now you're officially an idiot. The CR-V fires referred to were
    caused by the failure to remove the old oil filter gasket when changing
    the oil filter. When the new filter was installed, it resulted in two
    soft gaskets pressing against each other, which would leak under

    The failure of a main seal on a new engine is a manufacturing defect,
    not a design flaw. The failure of the repair is due to inadequate
    workmanship by the mechanic. As long as the engine was not run dry, it
    should be repairable. Under the Massachusetts lemon law (Mass. Gen. Law
    Chapter 90 Section 7N-1/2), the dealer is allowed:

    "a reasonable number of repair attempts: three times for the same
    substantial defect or 15 business days out of service for any
    combination of serious defects.
    If all the required attempts fail, and you give the manufacturer a
    formal 7 business day "last chance" to fix the car, but that fails too,
    you are entitled to a refund or replacement."

    By this standard, in MA, the OP should bring it back to the original
    dealer to try again.

    Your rights may vary, so check with your state's attorney general's

    Gene S. Berkowitz, Jan 7, 2007
  4. Norm

    fish Guest

    Gene S. Berkowitz disrespectfully sez...
    No, you are a Honda fanboy.

    Truth is, the problem still exists today and my future purchase decision
    will be based (in part) on those facts.

    Oh and the Toyota RAV-4 scored higher on the latest Consumer Reports
    (magazine edition), where the CR-V wasn't even on the "Best & Worst in
    RELIABILITY" list.
    fish, Jan 7, 2007
  5. Norm

    Darby Guest

    Go to the Rav-4 newsgroups then. You're stupid analysis won't be missed
    here. Now move along! Go spread your infection elsewhere.
    Darby, Jan 7, 2007
  6. Uh, no it isn't. That was caused by problems with the oil filter.
    This is a main seal problem.

    You have the January issue. Wait a few days for the February issue to
    hit the stands. CRV is rated just below RAV4. The Escape is rated
    below Hyundai and Kia.
    Gordon McGrew, Jan 7, 2007
  7. There is no evidence that the problem that caused the fires in '03 and
    '04 has been seen in over two years. As has now been explained to
    you, this is a completely different problem and it is too early to
    assume that it is anything other than an isolated problem with this
    particular vehicle.
    CRV has predicted reliability much better than average, just like the
    RAV4. See the Feb. issue of CR.

    As for picking a car that's right for you, I am going to strongly
    recommend the RAV4 so that you can go haunt the Toyota group with your
    Gordon McGrew, Jan 7, 2007
  8. Norm

    Art Guest

    All state lemon laws are in one of the manuals which came with your car.
    The action is against the factory, not the dealer. I suspect you can bring
    it to any dealer but read the manual.
    Art, Jan 7, 2007
  9. Norm

    jim beam Guest

    Gordon McGrew wrote:
    don't say that - they don't deserve it. send his dumb ass over to the
    ford group instead.
    jim beam, Jan 7, 2007
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