04 Accord taillight removal requires bumper removal?

Discussion in 'Accord' started by markyman, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. markyman

    markyman Guest

    Today I replaced the driver's side taillight assembly in my 2004 2DR
    Accord. I was a bit shocked to see that the assembly not only has
    three bolts that basically surround the 3 bulb ports, but also two
    screw mounts on the bottom. I thought this was going to be a quick
    and easy job. Unscrew those 3 bolts and the old one should fall out.
    (Yeah, Right?) Accessing the two screws holding it from the bottom
    would (apparently) require removal of the bumper. My taillight
    breakage didn't include any bumper damage, so I really didn't find it
    convenient to have to do any bumper work. I pretty much tore out the
    old tallight assembly with a hammer claw and pulled out the screws.
    My new taillight assembly is just held in by the 3 bolts.

    Is anyone else surprised by what I found or am I just a little obtuse?
    markyman, Jan 10, 2009
  2. markyman

    Leftie Guest

    I was very surprised to learn that I'd have to remove the front
    bumper cover to replace a headlight on my '95 Civic. I'm hoping I never
    have to replace my Camry's taillight, because I see no way to remove it.
    Manufacturers love to do stuff like this, probably to drive you to the
    dealer. Volvo 240 airboxes have a nice pair of quick-release clamps to
    open them. You just release the clamps, and then...disassemble the air
    intake, because the cover isn't coming off until you do.
    Leftie, Jan 11, 2009
  3. markyman

    markyman Guest

    As you put it, I'm actually referring to removal of the plastic
    'bumper cover'. I, too, would think that Honda would only do this as
    a Dealer Revenue Enhancement measure. Publicly, Honda would probably
    come up with the excuse that they're trying to avoid rattles and
    looseness in their cars, but its BS. However, I'd think it would be a
    rather ineffective attempt to drive business to the dealer: I only
    realized that there were more screws when the old taillight wouldn't
    release and I glance over at the replacement to see the two screw
    mounts from the buttom and then cussed myself. At that point, how
    many people would actually want to stop what they're doing and have it
    done by a dealer only for the sake of two screws? I think most people
    would have done the ripping out as I did. Yippie Kaye Aye (or however
    its spelled).
    markyman, Jan 11, 2009
  4. markyman

    Tegger Guest

    Body rattles and other noises are the bane of all automakers, making up
    the bulk of many models' TSB listings.

    I very much doubt that. Taillight replacement is something dealers do
    extremely rarely, so they would make trivial amounts of money off that.

    It's mostly the body shops that get to replace taillights, usually in
    conjunction with other damage repairs.

    Honda's been doing that for over two decades, starting with those
    flush headlights in the '80s.

    Or they could get the shop manual and find out how the bumper skin comes

    The primary impetus for all this is cosmetics, not revenue. They're
    trying for a seamless, smooth and clean look. This means hiding all the
    fasteners behind other stuff. Also of critical importance is evenness of
    body part alignment. Honda is anal about body part alignment. To achieve
    what they want, it's necessary to tie everything down really well, hence
    all the pins and fasteners.

    Since the vast majority of broken taillights happen in the company of
    other body damage, I'm guessing Honda decided hiding the fasteners under
    the bumper skin wasn't such a big deal.
    Tegger, Jan 11, 2009
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