03 Accord wheel bearing question

Discussion in 'Accord' started by Wayne L, Jul 31, 2007.

  1. Wayne L

    Wayne L Guest


    I noticed recently that my 03 Accord rear wheel bearings look almost
    identical to the ones in the 87 Accord I used to have, except the tabbed
    washer in the 87 seems to have been replaced with what might be a seal. In
    all rear wheel drive cars I ever owned, about every 35K miles I pulled off
    the sleeve and bearings, cleaned everything with gas, re-greased the
    bearings copiously and put everything back together. Same procedure on the
    87 Accord rear bearings.

    My 03 Accord owners manual says nothing about ever re-greasing the rear
    wheel bearings. Have they added a good seal that's supposed to last forever
    and keep out all dirt? I don't want to re-grease the bearings if it's not
    needed. BTW, I was suprised that Honda was still using the peenable nut
    system after 20 years. I guess it works well. The old castleated nut and
    cotter pin didn't give you the infinite position possiblies. On the other
    hand, you didn't have to buy 2 new nuts either. Also, does anyone know the
    proper torque to use on the nuts? I had shop manual for the 87 but gave
    them away when I traded it in.

    Wayne L, Jul 31, 2007
  2. Wayne L

    jim beam Guest

    yes - leave them alone. they will last hundreds of thousands of miles
    as-is. attempted relube generally introduces more grit and problems
    than it could possibly solve.

    they're $1.47 each at hondaautomotiveparts.com. a small price for
    exactly correct torque.

    180Nm iirc.

    buy a new one! helminc.com.
    jim beam, Jul 31, 2007
  3. Wayne L

    Eric Guest

    Indeed! A 2003 is a very different animal from the '87. The rear wheel
    bearings, as well as the front wheel bearings, are sealed precision
    bearings. Leave them alone and they should be happy for many miles. When
    there's a problem, they get replaced as a single assembly which usually
    requires the use of a shop press.

    Eric, Jul 31, 2007
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